Latest HHU Updates May 2022

Warm greetings from the HHU family in Uganda.

We are forever grateful to you all for the support rendered to us to improve the  lives of our beneficiary children. We cannot thank you enough for your selfless love  which has caused a smile in the lives of the children and their families.  

School Activities 

Our children have been able to resume school putting an end to the COVID-19  school shutdown  that lasted two years. They have since had  their tuition paid for,  and even the school  supplies provided  to them. 

HHU Children In Red Uniform

The school semester  will be closing in two  weeks’ time and the  children will be back  home with their  families for another  two weeks, before resuming for the next semester.  


Our beneficiaries have been Healthy this while save for a  few of them including Julius here below, who is currently  hospitalized. HHU is helping this family with medical bill and other basic supplies.

Photo of Julius

Get together 

The newly registered  beneficiaries were able to  meet with HHU staff  after visiting their homes.  They were all healthy and  sound. Some of them  received gifts that we  donated to them.  

Holiday Programme 

We will hold three center days in which we will addresses several issues affecting  the children.  One of such  activities will be  doing a health  screening exercise,  meeting with and  talking to all the  children’s parents  to address children’s performance at school, among others pertinent aspects of their life. Once again, we are so grateful and proud of all our sponsors and their own families.


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