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Beyond our usual program of Sponsoring children, Helping Hands Uganda is developing yet another initiative – A mobile clinic.

Our Mobile Clinic will be on a bus operated by a Physician’s Assistant and a Registered Nurse. They will provide on the spot primary care services such as physical exams, diagnostic tests, immunizations and referrals for people living in rural, underserviced communities of Bugiri District. This will be followed by general health education sessions for the locals on topics such; communicable disease prevention, health living, well babies and indicators of serious ailments. Severely ill patients will be referred and transported to the government hospital, and will be offered initial physical cash for admission, and medications

We are hopeful that the healthcare services provided on the mobile clinic, will prove to be extremely valuable in a region where free consultation, examination and drug supply are almost inexistent.

More to that, we hope to form a collaborative program with other existing organizations in the area, (if any), to fosters local development and capacity building and promote partnerships for sustainable solutions to improve access to healthcare in those rural and remote areas.


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