Pioneer Beneficiaries

Stories of Helping Hands Uganda

Sharot Nereke

Unfortunately dropped out of school in 2016, shortly after HHU temporarily went out of
operation. Sharot’s father and step mother have both been sickly for quite some time and they barely have any money to meet their basic survival needs; Therefore, they could not afford keeping her in school without help.

Sharot would love to do a 2 yrs. Program in hair dressing and Cosmetology. She says this program will allow her to take good care of herself and her sickly parents

Philip Onyapara

Phillip Onyapara

Phillip Onyapara is in Senior two (2018). He was in Grade Six in 2015 when
HHU went out of operation. His mother has strived to keep him in School
under a lot of difficulty. She sold off the cows that she got out of HHU
income generating activity and used the money towards Phillip’s school

Phillip’s dream is to become a High School teacher. He hopes to live a good
life and be able to support his family as a teacher

Catherine Bwangata

Catherine Bwangata joined a Vocational Institute this year (2018) to pursue a course in Hair dressing and cosmetology. Catherine and her grandmother who is Catherine’s caregiver decided she diverts from secondary school to this course because they could not afford school fees.

Catherine hopes to complete
this course in 2 yrs. After which she will be able to find a job and support herself and her grandmother. She is very excited about her career path.

Joshua Muwanguzi

Joshua Muwanguzi is in Senior three (2018)
His dream is to become a doctor. Joshua is ambitious and hopes that with some help he will be able to pursue his dream. His parents have struggled to support his education on a very meagre income. Joshua always returns to school late because his parents cannot pay the fees in time. Right now, his other siblings are not at school.

Earlier on, HHUC donated two goats to Joshua’s family. He was very lucky that his goats produced in multiples of 4 kids at ago. This helped the family to raise many goats easily and exchange some of them for two cows. Over the years, these goats and cows have been sold off one by one to pay for Joshua’s tuition. The last one was sold off at the beginning of this year.

Isaiah Ojuli

Isaiah Ojuli is in Grade four (2018). He was in grade two in 2015 when HHU went out of operation. He was out of school in 2016 but was put back in school in 2017 when his parents who are farmers were lucky to get a big harvest.

They sold off some harvest and sent him back to school Isaiah hopes to study a course in block laying and concrete practice in future. After elementary school, he hopes to join a Technical school to pursue his dream course.


Sarah is in Grade Six (2018). She is one of our beneficiaries who lost her father to HIV/AIDS. Sarah’s mother become an alcoholic after the death of her husband.

Sarah’s older brother has since taken over caring for the family. Although she had very minimal support, Sarah worked hard to stay in school.

Titus Okiru

Titus Okiru dropped out of school in 2015 immediately after HHU went out of operation. His grandmother, Titus’ caregiver could not afford keeping him in school.

When asked what he wants to do, Titus says he dreams of becoming a builder. He hopes that if he gets an opportunity to do the building program, he will be able to get himself and his grandma a decent house and also earn a good income.

Doreen Naigaga

Doreen Naigaga is in Senior Two (2018). Her mother has been sickly but still tried her hardest to kept Doreen in school since 2015.

Doreen wants to become a nurse in the future. She loves helping the sick and says this profession will give her the skills she needs to take care of her mother.

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