Our Team

Tracy Teckla Wanyama - Founder

Tracy is passionate about giving underprivileged children a chance to a normal life. She believes that children born into poverty, have little control over their wellbeing, health and education. It’s just a small percent of these children who manage to escape their circumstances and become economically successful adults, the majority don’t. It is therefore very unfortunate that in the present world, there are still millions of children whose probability of success is lowered simply by virtue of being born into certain circumstances.

Through HHU and its generous supporters, Tracy is working towards changing one life at a time, and hoping that one day, the world will become a better place for all. Tracy was born and raised in Eastern Uganda and immigrated to Canada in 2001. She is a Physician Assistant by profession, and outside her usual work, she spends most of her extra time spreading awareness, planning and coordinating fundraising activities for HHU

Margaret Wanyama – Director of Operations

Margie was born in Uganda and has worked as Children development officer with A Compassion international assisted project for over 17 years. She works in the rural areas, where she watches many children go through very difficult conditions due to the high levels of poverty. Most of the children wear skimpy torn clothes, walk bare footed and sleep on old papyrus mats with barely any blankets cover themselves during the cold nights. As a result, many children suffer poverty related ailments.

As a Christian, Margie is Inspired by Proverbs 19:17, which says “He who has pity on the poor lends to the LORD, And He will pay back what he has given.” So, Margie always waited for the opportunity to provide some of these children with another chance to rise above their circumstances in practical ways. And when this opportunity availed itself through Helping hands Uganda, Margie felt so privileged to be among the people who are working to change a life for the better through Helping hands Uganda.

Margie is the backbone of Helping Hands Uganda, without her, all our accomplishments would be hard to achieve. She connects directly with the sponsored children and their families, laughs with them when they are happy and cries with them when they have to cry.

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