June Charity Project: Supporting Children’s tuition needs

The Children supported by Helping Hands Uganda reported back for their second term of education in the current Uganda academic year 2022. Second Term began on May 09th 2022 and will end on August 12th 2022. Usually the schools can allow up to one months deadline within which the schools fees should be paid.

Here is a list of Children Taken Care of by Helping Hands Uganda and their tuition.

JOSHUA MUWANGUZI18S 6                               500,000
DOREEN NAIGAGA17S 4                               210,000
MOSES MUGABI16S3                               175,000
SARAH KAGOYA18Course                               245,000
MIRIA PULUKWARI07P1                               245,000
SHANITA NAMULONDO06P1                               157,000
SWALE KITOSI09P3                               157,000
RACHAEL KAGOYA06P1                               157,000
JULIUS BWIRE08P2                               157,000
SHEILA BASEKA12P4                               157,000
TRUDY AKONGO08P2                               350,000
BRENDA SAJABI08P2                               157,000
MATTHEW WABWIRE07P1                               157,000
FILIDAUSI KAGOYA07P1                               157,000
CAROLINE APESE11P4                               157,000
 Total Children : 15 Average Age: 10  3,138,000

We kindly request for your Donations in order to pay up all these Children’s Tuition. You can Donate through Helping Hands Uganda Donation Page. You can buy a product from Helping Hands Uganda Shop. You can also Donate through Go Fund me Campaign.

You help will be greatly Appreciated.

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