Hand made art on a historical bark cloth farmersHand made art on a historical bark cloth farmers

Hand made art on a historical bark cloth farmers



Materials: bark of a tree, painting, fabric
Height: 54 centimetres
Width: 32 centimetres

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A beautiful handmade art on a bark cloth. It is a mixture of a painting and fabric of a husband and wife returning from gardening.

The background material is bark cloth; which is a papery fiber made by peeling the inner bark off the Mutuba tree. This tree grows easily in most parts of Uganda. It’s preparation involves one of a kind’s oldest savoir-faire, a prehistoric technique that predates the invention of weaving.
The inner bark of the Mutuba tree (Ficus natalensis) is harvested and then, in a long and strenuous process, beaten for several hours with different types of wooden hammers causing the fiber to stretch both in length and width and eventually gain a soft and fine texture

Bark cloth has historical significance in Uganda.
It was worn as clothes until the 19th century when modern cotton cloth where introduced.

This piece of art can be framed and hanged to decorate your house or work space.
It is a one of a kind gift for yourself or as a gift to others

Sheets vary slightly in size, this one is approx 54 cm x 32 cm

Weight 0.17 kg
Dimensions 27 × 21 × 2 cm


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