July 1 st, 2018

Dear friend,
I am so excited to inform you that Helping Hands Uganda-Canada Aid is up and running… Ye.. .eeh! It was in 2015, when I personally visited the families of the children we had been sponsoring for 8 years and sadly broke the news to them that we were winding down.
It was so difficult explaining to them, why we were closing down and at the same time, encouraging them to “hang in there”. However, I did promise them one thing, that we would come back at some point and that we would priotize them before considering any other children.
By God’s grace, that promise has come true!

Recently, my sister Margie went back to the same families, one by one, and advised them that we were re-vamping Helping Hands Uganda-Canada and we were there to pick up from where we had left off.

What an exciting moment. …..

We have been able to reconnect with some of the children, are still looking for more and a few are lost to follow up.

We have a strong believe in our work and efforts, and we are hopeful that everything will unfold as planned

Thank you for your interest in supporting and or volunteering with Helping Hands UgandaCanada. With your support, we are one-step closer to creating a better world for some less fortunate children. We appreciate everyone who gives us the gift of his or her money and time.

Whenever you support us, you make a difference to the world! Helping Hands Uganda has existed on the spirit of volunteerism.

Here are some of the ways you can be involved.

  • Donate – make a one-time donation in any amount of your choosing
  • Sponsor a child for a monthly donation of $30.
  • Volunteer your time and skill. If you have a special skill such as writing proposals, maintaining a website, publicity, mobilization, extra, you can offer your service.

Tax receipts issued for donations of $20 and over I Charity Registration Number 847107950RROOOl. Please make cheques payable to Helping Hands Uganda-Canada Aid or donate online at www.helpinghandsuganda.org

  • Raise funds for Helping Hands Uganda by organizing a local event like a bingo night, bake sale or sharing our cause with your friends / social media, or participating in our future organized events.
  • In the near future, we will need volunteers to travel to Uganda for our upcoming Programs. (We will keep you posted on that)

Your monetary contribution will be tax-deductible gifts. We will send you an acknowledgement letter and a tax receipt at the end of the year.

Our banking information is
Royal Bank of Canada
Helping Hands Uganda-Canada
Account no. 1025881. Transit no. 05762

Alternatively, you can donate online at www.helpinghandsuganda.org

We are very proud of what we accomplished in the past and are much more excited and energized than ever, to take it to the next level.

Thank you for your consideration, we look forward to your support!

Sincerely your,

Tracy Wanyama
Founding Director
Helping Hands Uganda-Canada Aid

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