Our Story

Helping hands Uganda is a Canadian registered charitable organization that begun in
2006 when Tracy and Erin worked together and shared an office space. During their
office talks, they quickly discovered that they both had common values of helping the
Tracy was born and raised in Eastern Uganda, so she knew first hand what it met to live
in poverty. Her vision had always been to help the less privileged people, just go by
through basic necessities of life. And her dream quickly evolved after a few office
conversations with her co-worker Erin
They started by sponsoring 5 children, and the number went up to 17 children in a matter
of months. There focus was in the areas of education, healthcare, food security and an
income generating activity, to benefit not only the sponsored child, but also their siblings
and caregivers/parents and in a few cases, their whole village benefited in some ways.
Tracy’s sister Margie works with Compassion international in Uganda and has extensive
experience working with such children. She is also a Christian with a strong belief that
everyone deserves better and works to show children that they have not been forgotten.
Margie was a key player in setting up the program on the ground.
The charity stands as a tribute to Tracy Teckla and Margie’s parents, Mr. Lawrence and
Mrs. Joan Mary Wanyama, who were charitable individuals but passed away early in life
After operating for 9 years, HHU suffered a setback in 2015, and activities were put on
hold, while Tracy was dealing with personal challenges.
By God’s grace all is well and the charity resumed their work in 2018. They picked up
from where they left off, this met contacting the previously sponsored families first,
before recruiting any new children into the program. As the charity revamps their
activities, Tracy and Margie are very much excited to take it to the next level.

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